October 2021 Newsletter

posted on October 04

 October 2021 Newsletter

Ponderings from Sam Moore

Reverend Samuel H. Moore, Jr. D.Min., District Superintendent

We are tired! This has been a difficult year. COVID-19 numbers were decreasing, and we thought that we were emerging out of the pandemic. This changed after July 4 and with the emergence of the Delta Variant. Yes, we are tired and now we are moving into Charge Conference season, a new assessment tool, then we will move into pastors and S/PPRC having conversations about moving. I become tired just thinking about what awaits us. I am grateful that God is with us, and that God goes before us as we move into the future.

Leaders of the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry have emailed the chairs of your S/PPRC. They reminded them that October is Clergy Appreciation Month. They offered ways that your members could celebrate you and show their appreciation to you. Sometimes, we have difficulties accepting our members being generous to us. Please be gracious and allow them to bless you. I also remind you that the calendar works so that you may receive some rest in October. Please observe Laity Sunday which is the third Sunday in October. Please allow the laity to lead worship on this Sunday. Celebrate with them the ministry that they offer to the church and the world.

We will celebrate the ministry of the laity in the district on October 17, 2021. We pivoted, and our time of worship will be virtual and will be available on the District Webpage. I thank Tim Hoffman and his team for their hard work and their dedication. I am also grateful for the pastors who submitted nomination forms for laity in your churches who share ministries with you.

Finally, thank you for all that you allow God to accomplish through you. We are in this ministry together. I am grateful for you, and I want you to care for your families and yourselves.


Charge Conference 

Yadkin Valley Charge Conferences are to be scheduled and held starting November 1st through November 29th. Please submit your Charge Conference date to jallen@wnccumc.org no later than October 14th for authorization.
Learn more about Charge Conference 2021 here.

2021 Laity Sunday Service 

Once again this year, due to following our conference guidelines relative to COVID; our Laity Recognition Sunday Service will be virtual. It will be streamed on Laity Sunday, October 17th at 2:00pm. 

The Yadkin Valley District website will have a link directing you how to view the service any time after 2:00pm on Sunday the 17th. The link will remain live and may also be watched afterward.

Please tune in as we show our appreciation to all our laity and recognize the nominees submitted by their respective churches.

Anti-Racism Ethics Training Update

Due to rising COVID delta variant cases, conference leadership has made a new guideline for conference and district gatherings:


Ministries sponsored by the Conference or Districts will limit all in-person, inside gatherings to a maximum of 25 persons, meeting for no more than 2 hours, until the statewide NAAT positivity infection rate is below 7.5%. Persons at these gatherings must wear masks and socially distance themselves as much as possible. 

This guideline does not apply to local churches. It only applies to conference and district ministries, meetings, and gatherings. Because the Antiracism Ethics Training is affected directly by this new guideline, we will shift from in-person to virtual workshops for this fall.

The objectives and the content of the virtual workshop will be the same as the in-person model. However, the structure, delivery, and length of the virtual workshop are tailored to meet the needs of a variety of learners while utilizing the opportunities and diminishing the restrictions associated with an online learning environment.

The Virtual RISE! Workshop is an eLearning course which includes self-paced lessons, online small group discussions, and scheduled Zoom meetings spanning approximately 12 days with the following format:

Day 1     Orientation Session via Zoom (evening)
Days 2-5     Four Self-Paced Lessons via eLearning Platform
Day 6     Two 3-hour Zoom Sessions (morning and afternoon)
Days 7-11      Two Self-Paced Lessons via eLearning Platform
Day 12     Two 3-hour Zoom Sessions (morning and afternoon)


There are seven (7) options for Virtual RISE! Workshops through the end of this year. The Virtual RISE! Workshops are NOT district-specific so you can choose any virtual workshop with dates that will work for you.

Learn more and register here.

Creation Care Ministry - Green Church Initiative 

Are you interested in beginning or expanding a Creation Care Ministry at your church?

If so, then get ready for the Green Church Initiative that is coming in October! It provides a variety of practical, intentional creation care related actions from which participating churches may choose to implement within the areas of Worship, Discipleship, Stewardship, Evangelism, and Mission. Lay persons who are interested in learning more about how to start a Creation Care Ministry at their church, as well as those who want to receive more details about the Green Church Initiative, may register to attend one of the virtual training sessions offered by the Conference Creation Care Ministry Team on Thursday, October 21st, and Sunday, October 24th, from 7:00-8:30pm.

To register, email CreationCareWNCC@gmail.com and provide the name and address of your church, as well as which session you prefer to attend. Spread the word! Bring your fellow creation caring friends! And let’s all participate in the renewal of God’s creation!

Lands of the Bible Cruise

Our District Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Sam Moore Jr. and his wife, Marva, will be participating as hosts of the Lands of the Bible Cruise with Bishop Ken Carter. This pilgrimage will occur on September 22- October 5, 2022.

If you are interested in participating or being a host, please contact the district office. 

Learn more here 

Wake Forest Wesley Foundation 

Hello! We are the Wake Forest Wesley Foundation: a group of college students that gather multiple times a week for Bible studies, Large Group worship, and other fun events to build fellowship. This first month back to campus we have had activities such as a welcome back luau-themed party, a painting event, and a series of walks around campus. Additionally, we host a tailgate at every home football game, providing food and bottled water for anyone who wants it. This past weekend we had an overnight retreat at a cabin in Wilkesboro. We learned about gratitude and were able to get to know each other better through this amazing experience.

 "...and let us celebrate with a feast!" Luke 15: 23

Over and over in the Scriptures, we see the importance of building community and celebration through the sharing of a meal. At our weekly large group meeting of the Wake Forest Wesley Foundation, sharing a free meal is one very important way that our Wesley students can form a community. Pre-covid, churches in our district were very generous in bringing a home-cooked meal every Thursday night of the academic year so that the students could get something to eat other than University food and to give the church folks bringing the meal a chance to see how students are growing in their faith at college. 

Currently, Wake Forest is allowing students to meet together and eat in person, but outside groups are not allowed to come into academic buildings on campus. Therefore, we are offering a different way for churches to be involved in the feeding of the college students! If your church would be able/so wish to donate to our Thursday night large group meal fund, we would gladly accept such and would "advertise" your church during our announcement time. 

Any and all donations are welcome. We usually order pizza and salad because that is the least expensive way we have found to feed about 20 college students each week. The cost of that meal each week is about $225, but we will take whatever your church can spare to help defray these costs, and we will advertise your church with location and worship times. 

If your church would be able to help with this important United Methodist ministry, y'all can write a check and mail it to W-S Wesley Foundation, POB 7433, Winston-Salem, NC 27109. You may email me with what information you would like posted about your church for the week at joneslv@wfu.edu

Many, many prayers of thanksgiving for your consideration of this need of the Wesley Foundation ministry!

Grace and peace in Jesus Christ, Larry Jones, Campus Minister

Volunteer Opportunity 

Open Arms Community in Winston-Salem is looking for groups to prepare dinner for students and volunteers on Tuesday evenings for their tutoring program.

For more information or to sign up, visit this link or contact Rev. Julie Wilson at openarmsumcommunity@outlook.com or 336-724-0850.

Professional Administrators of the United Methodist Connectional Structure

Leaving a Professional Legacy Conference 

October 29-30, 2021

In Numbers 27, God set forth to Moses the hierarchy for leaving a tangible legacy when someone dies. However a legacy doesn’t always have to mean tangible goods and doesn’t always have to mean someone has to die.  Everyday in our lives, we set forth how people will re-member us when we are no longer with them especially in our churches and professional lives. We hope the 

“Leaving Your Professional Legacy” conference can in-spire and energize the importance of your professional legacy through service to God in your work. You will also have time to connect with other administrators across the conference and we can guarantee there will be laughter! We hope to see you at Laurel Ridge! 

Learn more here.

Oberammergau Passion Play and Alpine Odyssey

You are invited to join Dr. Glenn and Mrs. Susan Myers on a trip to see the Oberammergau Passion Play and Alpine Odyssey touring Germany and Austria sponsored by Educational Opportunities. The dates are September 5-13, 2022.  An optional Switzerland Extension is also available. 

More information is available here or contact Glenn at 336-870-0314 or glmyersjr@gmail.com

Yadkin Valley District Vitality Team

Provide technical and financial support to implement church sponsored ministries for churches in the Yadkin Valley District to enable them to become more vital by enhancing internal congregational/agency development or reaching outward into the community.


Robes and Stoles: 

The District Office received a generous donation of robes and stoles and they are free to anyone who would like them! 

We have 1 blue robe and 1 grey robe available as well as 4 stoles. 

Please contact Joy Allen at 336-725-4502 if interested. 

If you have any events, congratulations, or advertisements you would like included in the next newsletter please email jallen@wnccumc.org.

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