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posted on September 08

Charge Conference Training

In September, each Missional Network will meet once by Zoom for Missional Network Gathering training and Local Church Business Charge Conference training. A special evening training for part-time Local Pastors with another job will be provided on September 14th. The purpose of these trainings are to check in with the Missional Network, to share expectations of the Business Charge Conference and the Missional Network Gatherings to come, and to answer any questions you may have.

Missional Network Gathering

In October, the Missional Network Gatherings will be held by Zoom on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Please invite your leaders who will be on the Zoom with us, to read Matthew 28:16-20. This will be the Scripture that will undergird our time together. They should be your lay leader, your lay members to annual conference, your chairs of the Administrative Council, and the S/PPRC. We will hear each church's 2 minute laity oral report regarding the post Covid-19 church and Racism. We will end our time together by asking the Missional Network facilitator to pronounce our benediction or Parting Word. 

  Laity Report for Charge Conference 2021

In the September 2021 Newsletter, I asked pastors to begin reading Kay Kotan’s book, Being the Church in a Post-Pandemic World. I invited you to read it with the lay leadership of your church. On p.18, Kay Kotan states “I believe the two most critical and leading key traits for a healthy, vital, and culturally revenant church in the post-pandemic world will be: flexibility, highly relational, being visionary, being spiritual grounded, being highly committed, being innovative, being resilient, and being courageous.” Please begin this discussion with your team of laity. Determine which trait your leadership team will attempt to cultivate in the life of your congregation and what steps your leadership will take to better develop the trait this conference year.

Secondly, the elimination of racism is an emphasis. The elimination of racism should be instrumental in our discipleship as we attempt to follow Jesus and be faithful disciples of Jesus. Please share ways that your congregation is learning about racism and steps your congregation is making so that your members may faithfully follow Jesus in eliminating this practice and this sin. I believe that the work that God is calling the church to accomplish may lead us in answering the petition of the Lord’s Prayer in which we pray that “God’s kingdom will more fully come on earth as it is in heaven.” Therefore, as heirs of John Wesley, the elimination of racism is more of a part of our discipleship than any other aspect of our being.   

***Each Missional Network will meet twice, once in September for training and once in October for the official Missional Network Gathering***

 Local Church Business Charge Conference

1) An elder will preside over the business Charge Conference. If the pastor is a local pastor, she/he is to contact an elder and arrange for him/her to preside over the charge conference.

2) The local pastor or elder is to email the district office stating the date, time, the platform/or the location, and who the presider of the Charge Conference will be. The District Office will email the pastor a letter authorizing the Charge Conference.

3) Due Dates:

Clergy Compensation (to be completed 10 days before your Charge Conference)
Church Leaders list (to be completed 10 days before your Charge Conference)
All other Charge Conference reports (to be completed on or before December 1st)

***Pastors, please remember that you are to announce the date, time, location, and/or the platform of the Charge Conference ten days before the Charge Conference.***

Charge Conferences are to be scheduled and held starting November 1st through November 29th.

Complete Charge Conference Reports here!!

Like I began with thank you, I am ending with thank you. I will see you at these gatherings.



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