September 2021 Newsletter

posted on September 01

 September 2021 Newsletter

Ponderings from Sam Moore

Reverend Samuel H. Moore, Jr. D.Min., District Superintendent

July and August arrived to disrupt and remind us of the dangers of COVID-19. I remind you to be careful. This is for your family’s sake and your good health. Please remember that we address COVID-19 from the biblical and theological positions of “loving our neighbors as we love ourselves and doing no harm.” As followers of Jesus and as we grow in our discipleship these two injunctions are at the core of who the Scriptures and Wesleyan theology call us to be. As the District Superintendent, I will be disappointed if an outbreak was traced back to one of the churches in the Yadkin Valley District. I may only "strongly suggest" what you do in your churches, but I can control how I handle this pandemic. Therefore, I take a mask out of my automobiles and wear it as I go into public places. I am protecting my family members, myself, and my neighbors.

Secondly, pastors please remember to purchase the book, Being the Church in a Post-Pandemic World by Kay Kotan. There are recorded teaching sessions of it on the WNCCUMC.ORG website. Please read the book and view these sessions with members of your leadership team. A question from this book will be a part of your leadership report to the Missional Network Charge Conference for 2021.

Thirdly, we have been addressing the issue of the elimination of systemic racism as a part of our discipleship. The Justice and Reconciliation team has discussed books dealing with this issue each month. The district sponsored Dr. Jim Melson during the Easter Season as he led us in the book study, The Color of Compromise. We are partnering with Arbor Acres for another opportunity. Bishop Will Willimon will be at Arbor Acres on November 2, 2021. He will use his book, Who Lynched Willie Earle? Preaching to Confront Racism, as the beginning of his time of sharing. I am inviting the pastors to participate in this event. I suggest that you read the book. We are adding it to our discussion for Justice and Reconciliation team. This can become another tool that we add to our work to eliminate racism in our world.

I was with a church discussing issues that it was facing. Someone present told me that she “had African American friends so racism was not a problem in her world.” As one who deals with and lives with racism every day of my life. My children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are also affected by racism, we need more than friends who are whites. Our lives depend on this sin being eliminated from our society. The church, the body of Christ, those who are attempting to follow Jesus, and to love their neighbors as they love themselves are the right organization which may model for the world, how we may live together as brothers and sisters.



Anti-Racism Ethics Training Update

Due to rising COVID delta variant cases, conference leadership has made a new guideline for conference and district gatherings:


Ministries sponsored by the Conference or Districts will limit all in-person, inside gatherings to a maximum of 25 persons, meeting for no more than 2 hours, until the statewide NAAT positivity infection rate is below 7.5%. Persons at these gatherings must wear masks and socially distance themselves as much as possible. 

This guideline does not apply to local churches. It only applies to conference and district ministries, meetings, and gatherings. Because the Antiracism Ethics Training is affected directly by this new guideline, we will shift from in-person to virtual workshops for this fall.

The objectives and the content of the virtual workshop will be the same as the in-person model. However, the structure, delivery, and length of the virtual workshop are tailored to meet the needs of a variety of learners while utilizing the opportunities and diminishing the restrictions associated with an online learning environment.

The Virtual RISE! Workshop is an eLearning course which includes self-paced lessons, online small group discussions, and scheduled Zoom meetings spanning approximately 12 days with the following format:

Day 1     Orientation Session via Zoom (evening)
Days 2-5     Four Self-Paced Lessons via eLearning Platform
Day 6     Two 3-hour Zoom Sessions (morning and afternoon)
Days 7-11      Two Self-Paced Lessons via eLearning Platform
Day 12     Two 3-hour Zoom Sessions (morning and afternoon)


There are seven (7) options for Virtual RISE! Workshops through the end of this year. The Virtual RISE! Workshops are NOT district-specific so you can choose any virtual workshop with dates that will work for you.

Learn more and register here.

Lands of the Bible Cruise

Our District Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Sam Moore Jr. and his wife, Marva, will be participating as hosts of the Lands of the Bible Cruise with Bishop Ken Carter. This pilgrimage will occur on September 22- October 5, 2022.

If you are interested in participating or being a host, please contact the district office. 

Learn more here

The Mission of Creation Care and Creation Justice in the WNCC

All clergy members in the WNCC are invited to join in a conversation with Rev. Jonathan Brake, an ordained elder serving Mount Pleasant UMC (Sherrills Ford), and Kim Richmond, a lay member and organizer of Creation Care Ministry at Maple Springs UMC (Winston Salem), as they discuss The Mission of Creation Care and Creation Justice in the WNCC. These conversations will take place via Zoom on three consecutive Tuesdays during the Season of Creation – September 14th, 21st, and 28th – from noon to 1pm, so bring your lunch and eat, relax and listen, then share comments and questions after each presentation.

For more information on WNCC Creation Care Ministries click here.
To register for The Mission of Creation Care and Creation Justice in the WNCC, email

Virtual Course Offered by Neighborhood Seminary 

The Color of Compromise, a book study facilitated by Rev. Dr. Jim Melson,  will be offered Tuesdays, October 5-December 14, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.  
If you seek deeper understanding of America’s racialized culture…
If you want to strengthen your practices in the work of racial justice as discipleship…
If your heart longs to pursue ways of becoming “Beloved Community”…
this ten-week course is for you!
10 Tuesdays beginning October 5 through December 14 (Class does not meet Nov. 23)
Virtual Class via ZOOM, 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. ET
Zoom link, class outline and reading assignments will be provided closer to class start.
Each weekly session is two hours and includes:
   Opening Scripture and Prayer
   Presentation correlated to focus chapter of the week from Tisby’s book
   Small group conversations on focus questions in ZOOM breakout rooms
   Large group gathering for closing reflection and prayer
COST: Early Bird Registration: Aug. 19-Sept. 10  $150     
Regular Registration: Sept. 10 to Sept. 30 $175  
Participants purchase a personal copy of The Color of Compromise in their favorite format. We encourage purchases from local bookstore and/or one owned by a Person of Color.
*If you need financial assistance or have any questions, please contact Dina Helderman.

Spiritual Renewal Grant for Clergy and Lay Ministry Professionals

This season of ministry has been hard on leaders and many are exhausted, discouraged, and in need of time away. The WNCC Leadership Development Team wants to help nurture the spiritual growth of clergy and ministry professionals, as they nurture the spiritual walks of others. This could be through a renewal retreat or by engaging with a Spiritual Director.  Ministry leaders (clergy and lay professionals) who sign up for a Spiritual Renewal offering, and pay a personal investment of $50 toward the experience, are eligible for up to $500 to cover the cost of registration, fees, and lodging/travel expenses. Funds are available because of the generosity of churches who pay their apportionments.

To apply, click here.

Professional Administrators of the United Methodist Connectional Structure

Leaving a Professional Legacy Conference 

October 29-30, 2021

In Numbers 27, God set forth to Moses the hierarchy for leaving a tangible legacy when someone dies. However a legacy doesn’t always have to mean tangible goods and doesn’t always have to mean someone has to die.  Everyday in our lives, we set forth how people will re-member us when we are no longer with them especially in our churches and professional lives. We hope the 

“Leaving Your Professional Legacy” conference can in-spire and energize the importance of your professional legacy through service to God in your work. You will also have time to connect with other administrators across the conference and we can guarantee there will be laughter! We hope to see you at Laurel Ridge! 

Learn more here.

Native American Ministries Sunday Grant

Native American Ministries Sunday is one of the six special church-wide Sunday offerings. Through the Native American Ministries Sunday Offering, the General Board of Global Ministries provides grant funding for strengthening and development of ministries with Native Americans in annual conferences and target cities of the Native American Ministry program of Global Ministries. Grants are provided to assist local congregations and annual conferences to live into the four focus areas of ministries adopted at the 2008 General Conference. Grants can be used for outreach and community ministries, revitalization and discipleship formation, salary supplement, and building repairs and expansions.

Learn more and apply here

Oberammergau Passion Play and Alpine Odyssey

You are invited to join Dr. Glenn and Mrs. Susan Myers on a trip to see the Oberammergau Passion Play and Alpine Odyssey touring Germany and Austria sponsored by Educational Opportunities. The dates are September 5-13, 2022.  An optional Switzerland Extension is also available. 

More information is available here or contact Glenn at 336-870-0314 or


Yadkin Valley District Vitality Team

Provide technical and financial support to implement church sponsored ministries for churches in the Yadkin Valley District to enable them to become more vital by enhancing internal congregational/agency development or reaching outward into the community.


Robes and Stoles: 

The District Office received a generous donation of robes and stoles and they are free to anyone who would like them! 

We have 1 blue robe and 1 grey robe available as well as 4 stoles. 

Please contact Joy Allen at 336-725-4502 if interested. 

If you have any events, congratulations, or advertisements you would like included in the next newsletter please email

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