July 2021 Newsletter

posted on July 01

 July 2021 Newsletter

Ponderings from Sam Moore

Reverend Samuel H. Moore, Jr. D.Min., District Superintendent

I realized how much I missed Annual Conference after I returned from the Ordering of Ministry on Saturday, June 12, 2021. Annual Conference was the event that inspired me because of worship, hearing about exciting ministries, and visiting with colleagues. I recall an Annual Conference in which I greeted my colleague, my friend, and my neighbor, the Reverend Doctor Jim Graves. He asked me if I was moving that year. My reply was no. I quoted him some of the words from a gospel group song.  I was returning to my present appointment “to clean up what I messed up.” I have attempted to use this philosophy every year during Annual Conference. I am returning to my current appointment so that I may learn from and correct the areas in which I have not done as well.

After serving one year as the District Superintendent of the Yadkin Valley District, I confess that I have made some mistakes. They were not errors of the heart, but the mind. I am attempting to learn from them and to grow from them. Some of them have been sins because I forgot, or I chose not to treat others as I wanted them to treat me. When I realized that I sinned, I asked the ones whom I have sinned against to forgive me, and I also asked God to forgive me. This is one way that I attempt to “clean up what I have messed up.”

I dream about ways that congregations may become all that God is calling and equipping them to become. I expect congregations to understand that God calls them and expect them to be invitational and hospitable. God has saved us in the work of Jesus and God is growing us into faithful disciples of Jesus by means of the Holy Spirit. This also means that God is using the disciple-making systems of the church to form us into disciples of Jesus. Within each of these systems, we are developing ways to invite others to join us as we grow in our faith and our walk with God, and with others. We understand that we need to invite others to join us in our faith journey. We cannot be faithful Christians by ourselves. We need the community of faith.
Therefore, as I move into a new conference year, I invite you to join me in this aspect of our journey of Christian discipleship. I invite us to use the resources of the church to examine ourselves. Are we growing into disciples of Jesus? Are we loving God with all our being? Are we loving our neighbors as we love ourselves? I think that if we are honest with ourselves and with God, we will understand that we have room for growth. Because of this, I invite you to join me in the 2021-2022 Conference year to allow God to help us to “clean up, what we have messed up.”


Congratulations to those Ordained and received into Full Connection

David Blankenberg - 2021

Mary Gaston - 2021

Chad Shoaf - 2021

Sam Lewis - 2020

Congratulations to those Commissioned 

Commissioned as a Church and Community Worker Missionary 

Julie Wilson - 2021

Commissioned as Provisional Members

Bob Summers and Fomba Karva - 2021

Wayne Purdy and Camille Roddy - 2021 

Reporting Historical Changes for the 2021 Journal

The Conference Office is working to pull together information for the 2021 Journal, and as in years past, is requesting churches to report data on church and parsonage renovations, remodeling, new buildings, dedications, etc. that took place over the past year (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021).

To learn more and complete a report click here.

Rise Against Hunger

Seventy members of the West Forsyth missional Network packaged 14,256 meals for Rise Against Hunger on June 26 at Pine Grove UMC.

Each of the seven churches involved supported this project with money and people to package the food. Churches in the West Forsyth Missional Network are Pine Grove UMC, Harmony Grove UMC, Sharon UMC, Brookstown UMC, Lewisville UMC, New Day Community Church and Concord UMC. They raised $4,721.00 to help with the project this year and they have packaged food for Rise Against Hunger for 12 years. 

These meals are sent around the world where people are starving. The members had packaged the food for 66 cases in one and one half hours.

Rise Against Hunger is a life changing aid to the worlds most vulnerable populations by making a global commitment. 

Polly Caudle
Chair of the Event and Network.

Yadkin Valley District Vitality Team

Provide technical and financial support to implement church sponsored ministries for churches in the Yadkin Valley District to enable them to become more vital by enhancing internal congregational/agency development or reaching outward into the community.

If you have any events, congratulations, or advertisements you would like included in the next newsletter please email jallen@wnccumc.org.

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