YV Board of Laity plan to Connect, the Wesleyan Way

posted on May 13

Your Yadkin Valley District Board of Laity has been working diligently to find a way to better communicate with all our laity across our district. There are many tools available to help equip us from our conference and district. There are also many ideas and thoughts that our laity have throughout the district that need to be heard by our conference and district.

Our concept is to use the same geographical areas that are now used by our missional networks. Each of these areas will have a lay area connector. The area connector will then have each church’s individual lay leader within that area as a contact. Additionally, the area connector will have a Board of Laity member as a contact. Your district Board of Laity is represented by the district lay leader to the conference Board of Laity.  

Once in place, this allows information and communication to flow from conference, to district, to geographical area, to each church in our vast district. Of equal importance is that it also allows the same from each church all the way to conference level.

The area connectors will be asked to meet with their respective church lay leaders, then with their district Board of Laity contact once every two months, just prior to the District Board of Laity’s planned meetings.

The conference and district are planning many lay training events, not to mention the flow of information to all our laity so that they are aware of what is happening in our conference and district. I feel this will be an excellent way to ensure that flow of knowledge.

We need to fill these area connector slots. If you feel God is leading you to help in this effort for a little time once every two months, please let your district lay leader know of your interest. As Methodists, we are connectional; what a good way to show your Methodism.

Tim Hoffman

YV District Lay Leader