Burkhead UMC, Winston-Salem, has an opening for a part-time (16 hours/week, flexible schedule) for a Financial Secretary.  

The position is under the supervision of the pastor and church Treasurer with annual performance evaluation by the pastor and the staff/pastor-parish committee. This position requires general computer skills and a working knowledge of finance, accounting, and payroll tax law.

The Financial Secretary will be responsible for, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Implement the policies of the Finance Committee relative to the counting, dispersing and recording of financial information.
  • Be proficient in all financial functions of the church financial computer software: Church Windows.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the Burkhead operating budget, with a full understanding of how standard and non-standard receipts are to be expensed.
  • Set up new Accounts, Payees, Employees, Funds, etc., in Church Windows.
  • Church member financial contributions.
    • Input all contributions into Church Windows, including monthly pledge payments, memorials, special offerings, and special projects.
    • Generate quarterly financial contribution reports for church members and respond to individual requests. 
    • The quarterly reports are to be printed, stuffed in envelopes, and made available for pickup.  Put in the mail, any that are not picked up by the end of the month.
  • Prepare and print all expenditure checks, including payroll checks, but do not sign them.
    • Bills outside of the monthly upkeep/maintenance of the church require approval of the appropriate person: Treasurer, Trustees Chairperson, pastor, etc.
    • Invoices must include an adequate description of the goods or services, including the name of the Payee, and the name of the person who initiated the purchase when appropriate.
    • Properly record all expenditures in Church Windows.
    • Keep all paper documentation in organized files for back-up purposes.
  • Calculate and apply the appropriate tax withholding on all payroll checks.  
    • Remit the withheld tax amounts to the Federal and State IRS. 
    • Submit the required year-end tax forms to the Federal and State IRS.
    • Provide the appropriate W2/1099 tax forms at year-end.
  • Calculate and submit Form E-585 semi-annually, requesting a sales tax refund from the NC Department of Revenue.
  • Remit all Conference benevolence funds on hand (UMCOR, Human Relations, Native American, etc.) to the Conference on a monthly basis.
  • Remit special offerings to local outreach (Open Arms, Samaritan Ministries, etc.) on a monthly basis.
  • Offering Count
    • Deposit offerings in the Bank as soon as possible and give a copy of the deposit slip to the Treasurer.
    • Make copies of all checks included in the offering.  Attach these copies to the deposit slip which is kept at the church.
    • Record all individual contributions in Church Windows.
  • Acknowledge by letter all memorial gifts to the church.
  • Review (i.e. balance) the Accounts in Church Windows against the monthly bank statements, in conjunction with the Church Treasurer.
  • Update Church Windows with new pledge amounts for the next year, after the conclusion of the fall stewardship campaign. 
  • Update Church Windows with the new Budget amounts for the next year, after they are approved by the Church Council.
  • Provide year end budget information to the pastor and Treasurer for reporting to the Charge Conference.

Send resumes to Beth Dixon, bethddixon@me.com. 

Children’s Music Director

Unity Moravian Church needs someone to prepare musical experiences with children through the year and especially Advent/Christmas programs, Lent/Easter programs, and Vacation Bible School Music. They will be expected to work with Christian Education Committee in providing “ongoing music” with children in Sunday School and other ministry opportunities.  Qualifications:  Loves the church and loves working with people of every age and political and religious philosophy; loves music and can play an instrument (piano, woodwind, string, guitar, brass… something)

Approximately 15 hours per week will be needed.

Contact:          Rev. Barry Foster, Pastor                                                                                                                                         Unity Moravian Church                                                                                                                                8300 Concord Church Road                                                                                                                          Lewisville, NC  27023                                                                                                                                     (434) 709 - 0093        

Mt. Olivet UMC, 1082 Community Road, Lexington, seeks a part-time Children and Youth Christian Coordinator.

This person reports to the Senior Pastor and is accountable to the Staff-Parish Relations Committee. This position involves community outreach with a commitment to Christian discipleship, partnered with other ministries within the church.  This position involves coordinating events with the larger church calendar, recruiting, equipping, and motivating volunteer servants to lead in various ministries to reach children ages Kindergarten through 12th grade.  This person must follow Safe Sanctuary Guidelines at all times.


*Familiar with United Methodist Doctrine and Polity

*Experienced children/youth coordinator with a minimum of Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in a related


*Willing to work 25 hours per week.

*Willing to be certified as UM Lay Servant/Speaker

*Successfully pass a criminal background check

Essential Duties and Responsibilities for Children and Youth

  1. Actively engage in relationship building with children and youth in the church and community (ages for children and youth stated in safe sanctuary guidelines). 
  2. Teach Children and Youth spiritual growth in Biblical lessons.
  3. Oversee children and youth outreach events and participate in community events initiated by staff and volunteers.
  4. Recruit, train, and oversee all volunteers in the area of Children and Youth Ministries, including Sunday School, Children’s Church, and midweek opportunities.
  5. Attend planning meetings with the staff and other ministry leaders for planning and coordination.
  6. Assist with Vacation Bible School
  7. Uphold and enforce the Safe Sanctuary policy.
  8. Develop a Children’s Council and oversee the annual budget for Children and Youth Ministries. In conjunction with this group, choose appropriate curriculum and programming, regularly evaluating and communicating ministries to children and their families to see that community needs are being met.
  9. Oversight of Children & Youth Discipleship ministries, focusing on resourcing existing classes with increased curriculum choices and creating new opportunities for spiritual formation.  Assist the pastor with training for new teachers and small group leaders. Work with the Pastor to organize Confirmation Classes as needed.
  10. Perform any other duties as requested by the Senior Pastor as needed for the mission of the church pertaining to children and youth.
  11. Conduct regular Children and Youth meetings and events.
  12. When necessary, counsel youth under advisement of pastor.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities for Worship

  1. Be present in Worship Services
  2. Assist in worship services with Eucharist, Lay Speaking, Liturgies, Children’s Time.
  3. In pastor’s absence this person will be the lay speaker in charge of worship

If interested in this position please submit your resume to Rev. Sandra Ireson at mtolivetumc1082@gmail.com.

Part-Time Director of Youth Ministries, New Hope United Methodist Church, Winston-Salem

Primary Focus (Major purpose):

Create and establish a successful youth ministry program that nurtures youth in their personal and spiritual growth with Jesus Christ.  This program would provide opportunities for collaborative worship, Bible studies, mission and service ministries, fellowship and leadership development. Provide opportunities to reach out in the community in a welcoming way with an intent to grow the youth group.

Position Requirements:

  • 10-15 Hours per week (including worship attendance)
  • Experience supervising and/or directing youth ministry preferred
  • A strong spiritual foundation and ability to verbalize theology
  • Self-motivated, optimistic and enthusiastic with strong leadership, team building and resolution skills
  • Communication skills verbal and written, including ability to collaborate and coordinate well with other ministries, staff members, and youth parents

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Call, Organize, and Lead Youth Council Meetings a minimum of quarterly
  • Develop a year round program that includes:  Bible study and prayer, worship participation, social activities, retreats, mission and service projects and fundraisers, leadership development (In conjunction with the Youth Council)
  • Select and Utilize a Theological Study approved by Pastor
  • Create and oversee the implementation of an annual plan and budget, working with Youth Council
  • Be present for, oversee, and conduct weekly youth programs.  Recruit assistance as necessary
  • Attend designated meetings as directed by the Pastor/Supervisor (such as Council Meeting or staff meetings)
  • Promote youth ministries and programs within the community.  Communicate through newsletter, bulletins, emails, phone, posters and so on. Maintain a youth calendar.  Distribute monthly newsletter and calendar
  • Establish a one-on-one relationship with youth in accordance with safe sanctuary policy

Occasional Duties:

  • Participate in Worship and coordinate youth leadership for worship services in conjunction with the Pastor and Worship Committee.
  • Create collaborative, interactive programs between youth and other church committees and groups (such as Senior Citizens, VBS, or Church Choir).
  • Assume other duties or responsibilities as directed by supervisor.

General Expectations:

  • Be accessible to youth.
  • Follow all church policies
  • Create a culture among the youth that promotes inclusion and a loving Christian attitude toward others and all church staff
  • Be enthusiastic, creative, and self-motivated
  • Organize events in a timely manner, requesting assistance as needed


The Director of Youth Ministries will work under the direction of the Senior Pastor and Staff Parish Relations Committee.

Please send resume to:  Cheryl Morris at craemorris@windstream.net. 

MOUNT TABOR UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 3543 Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem, has an opening for a Band Leader for their Higher Ground Service.

This is a part-time 10 hour per week salaried position that works with the pastors, Higher Ground Coordinator, and Higher Ground Planning Team to plan the music for weekly Sunday morning services, lead weekly band rehearsals, and rehearsals on Sunday mornings.  This position will also  lead the band during the Higher Ground worship service at Mount Tabor United Methodist Church.  The Higher Ground Band Leader reports directly to the Higher Ground Coordinator.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in a recognized and relevant field.
  • Demonstrate strong faith in Jesus Christ in life and in practice.
  • Have experience with, and a passion for, leading contemporary/traditional music in worship services.
  • Possess leadership, interpersonal, team-building skills, and conflict resolution skill .
  • Demonstrate musical proficiency in playing piano and keyboard.  The ability to play other musical instruments is preferred but not required.

Core Duties:

The following is a list of the major responsibilities and duties of this job.  Specific duties may change from time to time.

  • Attend Higher Ground Service Planning Meetings bi-monthly as scheduled, collaborating with the pastors, Higher Ground Coordinator, and Higher Ground Planning team in planning worship services.
  • Attend monthly music meetings with the Higher Ground Coordinator and Higher Ground Music Selection Team to suggest, select, and plan past and/or new songs based on the service theme for each week and in the style of Higher Ground Worship.
  • Ensure Higher Ground is compliant with licenses for music and streaming music.
  • Invite band members to participate monthly, including vocal soloists, for appropriate music selections and doo wops for the music planned for each specific Sunday.
  • Prepare new songs monthly, including chord sheets.
  • Create, or oversee the production of, a CD with songs for each month for band members.
  • Create and distribute weekly music notes to band members, service builders, and image teams, including list of participants, songs, type of song, chord sheets, instrumentation, key of music, key of CD, key in which songs will be played/sung, special instructions, service notes, and a rehearsal reminder.
  • Create weekly sound notes for sound technician, including type of song, soloist and other voices singing, instruments that will be played, and special notes related to sound.
  • Lead weekly Higher Ground Band rehearsals (Wednesday evenings).
  • Lead band during rehearsal prior to the service and during the Higher Ground Worship Service each Sunday morning. There will be additional worship and rehearsal hours required during Higher Ground Dramas for Easter and Christmas.
  • Assist with reset of Worship stage as needed following the Higher Ground Service.
  • Recruit band members, including doo wops (background singers), as needed, and serve as, or suggest mentors for younger or new band members.
  • Attend Staff Meetings as schedule allows.


Salary & Hours

  • $7,500 to $7,800 annually depending on experience.
  • 10 hours per week:  Includes Wednesday evening rehearsals and Sunday mornings for rehearsal and Higher Ground Service.
  • There will be additional worship and rehearsal hours required during Higher Ground Dramas at Easter and Christmas.


  • 2 weeks (10 workdays based on hours worked per week) for 1-5 years of service (prorated during first year of employment based upon hire date)
  • 3 weeks (15 workdays based on hours worked per week) for 6-10 years of service
  • 4 weeks (20 workdays based on hours worked per week) for 11+ years of service
  • An employee joining the staff at Mount Tabor UMC who has previously worked as a staff member at another United Methodist Church will be considered for additional vacation time based on those previous years of service and type of experience.  SPRC will review each situation on a case by case basis.

The church will run a background and criminal check, as well as require a drug test prior to employment.

Contact Marjorie Guilford with the Mount Tabor UMC Staff Parish Relations Committee

(cell 336-926-6047) with any questions about the application process.

Applications can be found on the MTUMC website at  www.mttaborumc.org under the Employment Opportunities link or obtained during normal business hours at the church’s main office.

Once the application is completed, please submit it, and your resume, to:

            Marjorie Guilford

Staff Parish Relations Committee – Search Committee
c/o Mount Tabor United Methodist Church
3543 Robinhood Road
Winston Salem, NC 27106

Applications, with resumes, will be accepted for this position through NOON on Friday, September 27, 2019

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